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How to Buy A Good Used Car?


Rev up your engines, today I'm going to help you decide which car should you buy. Now I've been working on cars for 50 years, so I know what cars used to be good, what cars aren't good anymore, and which cars have been good most of the time, but there's only one me, if you're looking for an honest mechanic to tell you in your area, you might end up like Diogenes, spending your life with a lantern, in the vain search for an honest mechanic and you can't find one, so I'm going to give you a couple of rock-solid tips, to find out whether a vehicle you're looking at is a good vehicle and it's worth buying, or one that you should run away from.

First don't pay any attention to these awards that they give to models of cars, many of them are given by advertising companies, they get paid to say their client makes good cars, don't pay any attention to that stuff, but there is information you can trust, like Kelly Blue Book, you can look up the value of cars, and if you find that the car's value plummets as it gets older, it's not a very good car. But take a Toyota Camry in 2014, an absolutely loaded one came for about $30,000, and today when it's about four years old, a fully loaded one goes for about $19,500.

Let's take a 2014 mercedes-benz s550, it started with an original price of $93,825 for a base model, but now that it's four years old, it goes for $44,000 -$52,000 with an average about $51,000, so you're losing over $40,000, so you're losing about $40,000 with the Mercedes, and only $10,000 with the Toyota, and believe me as they get even older, the range gets even further, you get a 10 year old Mercedes, you might lose 90% of the value of the car by then, which would be almost $80,000.

Now, another good source of information are technical service bulletins, those are things that are known problems with cars that we Mechanic can get, now look at a 2010 Land Rover, see how many of these technical service bulletins there are, as we pan down and start scrolling down there's a whole bunch of them, actually there's 163 on this model, now let's check out the technical service bulletins for a 2010 Ford Fusion, and as you can see, as we scroll down there's a whole lot less of them, there's only about 50, so the land rover has three times as many technical service bulletins, so three times as many known problems as the Ford has, so that's a very good way, if you see a bunch of lists the technical service bulletins for the car you're thinking about buying, don't buy it.

My last tip is a simple one, don't buy any brand new model of any car, you never know if they made any mistakes, I've seen cars that they might not fall apart for two or three years, so buy a model that's been made for quite some time, that they haven't made any radical changes, if they made radical changes, wait, and then be like me, buy them when their used, where they cost less, and they proven not to have problems.