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How Does the Rent to Own Rims Program Work?


Are you having issues trying to buy those new rims? Instead of buying your rims rent to own them. For everyone who like to great looking rims you know that the costs of these rims are not cheap. So if you just have to have the best rims and you cannot survive without them what are you to do? One option is to rent to own these new rims. Yes, companies are renting rims for you own so you may obtain the best rims for car now!

These days car parts are very expensive especially if you want your car look its best and have style. With the rent-to-own rim program you fill out a small amount of paper work with the finance company and many times as little as $20 for a down payment and they hand you the rims. It is much easier to pay a small amount each month for those awesome looking rims than it is to save over a long period of time to obtain them. Many times you can even get programs that if you pay off your rims in 90 days there is not interest charge.

In order to get financing for new rims bring proof of work which can be copies of your paychecks or pay stubs, proof of residency which is normally a utility bill such as water, phone or electric, proof of vehicle ownership, which is the vehicle registration and your passport or social security card to prove citizenship. Once you have given the financial company the above information you pay a little money for a down payment, they give you your new rims and you are set to roll.

You can find rims on rent to own programs from your local stores or online. With so many stykes and sizes to choose from be sure when you are looking online that you have the correct size rims that will fit your vehicle. In order to obtain the rim size for your car you can look up the measurements by the vehicle and type of tire or you can measure the existing rim width at the widest point, and then measure the rim walls. You will also need to decide the profile for your rims. By using the internet you will have the ability to shop for many different style rims without leaving home.
Once you have your rims you can either put them on yourself, or find a shop that will do this for you. Many times online companies also have shops in your area to mount the rims. Once you have chosen the perfect rim based on style, terrain, and personality you have the option to apply online, or go to the store to complete the paper work for your new rims.

Don’t let the word financing scare you off from getting the perfect rims. Financing rims through rent to own program isn’t like purchasing a house or a car for there is very little aggravation when filling out the paper work for your rims. It doesn’t take much time or paperwork. The finance company works with you based upon your income for a reasonable monthly payment.